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Laissez Faire

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Laissez Faire

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Laissez Faire

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Laissez Faire

About us

Welcome on the website of restaurant Laissez-Faire!
An open kitchen, the menu introduced à la minute, a little bit art on your plate, nice affordable wines and a warm service.


We are David Demeyere en Vanessa Fraikin.
Our restaurant Laissez-Faire is an expression we like to say in French that means: just take a chear, sit down, enjoy the moment, enjoy food & wine, take your time, and have trust in the chief-cook!

Laissez Faire

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Laissez Faire


Openings hours
Closed on Sunday evening, Thuesday and Wednesday.
Saterday noon only reservation possible for groups

Laissez Faire


reservations with 9 or more persons, please contact us by phone on the number
0479/89.19.24. Also when there’s a limited availability or you want to make
your reservations before noon or evening (less than 2 hours for the shift)
please contact us by phone on the number 0479/89.19.24

Zeeuwse mosselen op z'n Thaïs    9,-
Stoverij v varkenswang in Fort Lapinbier   10,5
Ceviche v pladijs - avocado - sinaas   8,-


Gepocheerd hoeve ei - karnemelk - Secreto ham   19,-
                   + Zeebrugse handgepelde garnaaltjes  4,-
Geconfijte zalm - bergamot - radijs - yoghurt    21,-


Catch of the day - tomaat - dashibouillon - rucola    32,-
Argentijns rund - gevulde puntpaprika - pomme fondant    34,-
Zwezerik - knolselder - jus v champignon      36,-


Dame Blanche 11,-
Verloren brood - roomijs v bruine suiker - appel    12,-
Cornflakes roomijs - rode vruchten - crunch v Brusselse wafels    12,-

>>> de kaart geldt niet op zaterdagavond of feestdagen


3 coursesmenu  43 euro pp + 15 euro according wines
>>> not on Saterday evening and holidays

4 coursesmenu  55 euro pp + 20 euro according wines
5 coursesmenu  69 euro pp + 25 euro according wines
6 coursesmenu  80 euro pp + 30 euro according wines

Chees instead of Dessert at 6,50 euro pp


Monday, Tuesday and Friday noon

starter, main dish and  coffee
                    28 euro  
>>> not on holidays

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